BlackRook Hold Dungeon - Boss floor texture - Legion, World of Warcraft

Texture that I sculpted and painted for BlackRook Hold dungeon, World of Warcraft, Legion. (2016)
The modeling of the dungeon was done by Shem Dawson.

"Black Rook Hold was, during the War of the Ancients, a defensive gathering place for the night elves to strategize and plan the stand against the Burning Legion. Lord Ravencrest was the head of this monumental structure. The hold itself was carved from the great mountain of black stone. Over the centuries, the Ravencrest bloodline continued to carve out corridors and other areas of the keep. In Lord Ravencrest's generation, the hold was complete. It's shape and color resembles the shape of the rook chess-piece and the famous, but ancient, crest of a black raven soars over the hold itself. Both signs finally gave it it's name, Black Rook Hold"