Nazjatar Architecture Kit, World of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth

This is my work on the Nazjatar architecture kit for Rise of Azshara, World of Warcraft.
My task was to create the exterior of Azshara's palace, as well as some buildings and houses for the zone.
It was a fun challenge and one of my last on this team, to create an architecture that would represent the darkness and elegance of Azshara herself.

For this task, I was helped by amazing concept artists, Lianna Tai, Matt O'Connor and Jimmy Lo.
Lianna also worked a lot on the textures with me to find the right balance for colors, motifs and patterns.
I enjoyed not using Zbrush to create these textures as a fun challenge for myself.
Stephen Crow and Kevin Young also created some architecture models for the zone.
Also, Colin Volrath and Kyle Aronson created the exterior level design for Nazjatar.

Nazjatar Architecture - Rise of Azshara - World of Warcraft

Done in polymodeling only.

Done in polymodeling only.

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