Dazar'Alor Pyramid, the Great Seal - Battle for Azeroth - World of Warcraft

My task was to do a modeling polish pass and optimization pass on the main pyramid in Dazar'Alor.
Ishmael Hoover created the textures for the zandalari kit.

"Tazdingo, and welcome Dazar'alor! Cloistered between two mountain ranges in Zuldazar, Dazar'alor is the seat of power of the Zandalari Empire and a lively trade port that boasts exotic goods from all over Azeroth (and even beyond). Whether you're perusing The Zocalo to add another shrunken head to your collection, or have official royal business with King Rastakhan atop The Great Seal, Dazar'alor is a melting pot of cultures and idea. No matter what loa you worship or where your travels may take you, enjoy your stay!"

Fanny Vergne - Showreel - Battle for Azeroth - World of Warcraft